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Join us! Between now and the end of August, our goal is to raise $3000 for Miracle Diapers!

Pledges to date: $135 and 3 items - Money Raised to date: $862

No payment necessary at this time! You have 'til the end of August!

We've made the pledges do-able for everyone! We want to give everyone a chance to pledge and meet their own goal! Pledge cards are broken into 4 different tiers so that no goal is out of reach for any individual, business, or group. For each pledge goal you reach, we will send you a receipt for tax purposes! If you reach a goal, you can always pledge again!

We know that our supporters have many things going on in their lives, business, etc., so we've come up with a great way to encourage everyone to obtain their pledge goal. Once per week, you will be sent an encouragement email with your pledge reminder. It won't be pushy, just a little spirit booster!

Why are we raising money?

Miracle Diapers is raising money to pay one full year's worth of rent for an office and warehouse. We prematurely set a goal of $3000 (for lesser conditions), but we're hoping to surpass this goal to meet our need. The office is in a nice, safe location and it will only be $415.38 per month (for 13 months). That's less than $14 a day to give us the professionalism and volunteer safety that we need to be able to continue to help families, all over the country, put cloth diapers on their babies. Check out the links at the top of the page for more info on our potential office as well as our current temporary conditions!